Kyle Deato is an up and coming web developer. He graduated in Cal State LA with a degree in Computer Information Systems, Information Technology.

Kyle was first introduced in coding in high school, trying to make a simple browser game. In college, he was exposed to different type of work such as IT, data science, project management, GIS, etc. More importanly, he also took several coding classes in college like Java and Python, but focused more in Web Development. Currently, he is using Codecademy to add more to his arsenal of skills.

Some of Kyle's hobbies are basketball, swimming, taekwondo, and games. Kyle is a pretty chill and a hardworking dude to be honest. Kyle is also wondering why he is talking in third person writing about himself.


some of the stuff I know, while also learning more.

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  • -Python
  • -SQL
  • -Java
  • -Git
  • -SAP
  • -ArcGIS


here are just some of my projects.

travel app

A travel website using Foursquare API and OpenWeather API to find the current weather and things to-do to the city you plan on going today.


A web app that lets you create your own playlist that can be saved to your personal Spotify account. *Learning Project*

hitech site

A full multi-page business website with a form to request a quote.

swim site

A landing page for a Swim Club.

google clone site

A cloned website of Google.

rock paper scissor

A rock, paper, and scissors game versus the computer.

boba project

A boba website using WordPress.


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